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The musician, 61, talks about hanging out in record stores, meeting his heroes and why he wants to write a hour song. The designer, 73, tells Alex Moshakis about boyhood cycle racing, not going to school and the secrets of a happy marriage. The broadcaster and former footballer, 58, tells Nick McGrath about Brexiteer hatred, looking old on TV and not being a saint.


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The chef and novelist, 79, tells Katherine Hassell about bananas, baby brothers and Bake Off. The Labour MP, 37, tells James McMahon about eyesight and activism, the end of apathy and why she still wants to be prime minister.

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The actor, 44, tells Michael Segalov about Bernie Saunders, sex and intimacy, environmental catastrophe and speeding in New York. The comedian, 42, tells Rich Pelley about cheap shoes, law degree shaming, meeting The Edge and being from Ipswich. The comedian, 60, on his passion for painting, being accident-prone, and learning cool dances to surprise his twins.

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  6. Children love asking questions.
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  8. The musician, 38, on trying not to be a perfectionist, Stevie Wonder and Love Island. Each new challenge takes learners through a staged process of inquiry, supported by varied real-world content from BBC video.

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    New language, new knowledge and new skills are learnt through exciting real-world tasks bringing measurable results at every stage. Download a sample.

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    Learn about the authors. The driving force for this century is the intellectual capital of citizens. Political, social and economic advances during this millennium will be possible only if the intellectual potential of the younger generations is developed from the early stages of education.

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    About the authors. Do we want our students to be active participants in their own learning throughgoal setting? Should they demand to know what is expected of them throughthe use of rubrics? Are they capable of monitoring their achievement through self-assessment?

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    I think we should give them the tools to do these things. View components. Children love asking questions. Order locally. We want students to learn, think, question, create.