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Subtle earthy hops. A very good taste. Mouthfeel: Medium to full bodied with a moderate level of carbonation.

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Creamy, silky, and pretty drying on the finish. Alcohol heat is masked well. Overall: A very good take on a coffee beer. Big coffee and chocolate flavor with a nice creaminess. A quarter inch of khaki colored head sits on top. Brussels lacing. Intense aroma of bitter roasted coffee is present. The flavor is intensely bitter dark coffee and dark malt.

The mouth is thick,oily,and viscous. You can see the bobbles from the carb slightly coming to the top. Smell - Spicy very toasted oatmeal and coffee. Taste - Toasty sweet slightly bitter coffee and oatmeal and a spice that comes in the aftertaste. Feel - Smooth with a medium body and mild carbonation. The spice give the tongue a little something if you wait for a min. Overall - Great very different complex beer.

The only thing I think it really needs is a little more body but it's not worth complaining about.

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Weak head with minimal retention and no lacing. Roasted, spicy, coffee, oatmeal and chile pepper aroma. Moderately bitter roasted malt with coffee added.

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Oats mellow the palate. Hot chile peppers in the back of the mouth.

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Medium bodied. Well carbonated. Coarse texture. Like a black hole this beer swallows up all light. This beer never really developed a head.

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It was more like a mocha film that was gone before I got a good glimpse of it. Coffee aroma was noticeable as I poured. It is a sweetened coffee smell like coffee and cream.

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There were some roasted malt notes, but the coffee took center stage. There is a strong coffee presence in the taste. It is not a bitter coffee flavor. Much like the aroma, the taste has a sweetness to it. Fresh roast coffee with a little cream. It is full bodied with low carbonation. Another great offering from the Brewers Gone Wild series.

The stouts and porters have been fantastic.

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A new one to me from Tyranena, an "imperial oatmeal porter brewed with coffee beans". No abv listed on the bottle. Poured into a clear balloon snifter. A - It pours a deep dark cola brown body with about a finger of thick mocha head. Leaves behind some okay scattered lacing. The African coffee varietals come through nice and distinctly on the aroma.

T - Taste follows the nose - tons of authentic fresh cold roasted coffee bean presence, with notes of chocolate, cocoa, vanilla, caramel, and wood. Mild alcohol warmth. Medium-fullish in body, with excellent carbonation. Overall, a very nice borderline-stout porter from Tyranena, definitely an exceptional example of the style.

The overall feeling is similar to a good Oatmeal Stout so I'm a little confused and need some more education on this matter. This is also part of Tyranena's 'Brewer gone wild' series, so not sure how long this will be around, but if they make it part of their regular or seasonal offers, I'm a buyin'. Sampled this while making tacos for the fam, so I was able to taste at various F degrees. A: Opaque with a half-inch thick pocketed head that reminded me of an old sepia picture of the lunar surface.

The head dissipated within a couple of minutes to a slight film. Tilting the glass left the film clinging to the walls - impression 'heavy'. S: Roasted coffee and malts - not strong T: Malts, coffee with a slight bitterness on the tail - very drinkable. M: Thick, soft fullness - filling. After letting it sit the coffee flavor and scent became a little more pronounced, but not pungent or overwhleming - just pleasant. O: Glad I tried this one. Not overwhelming with the coffee flavor and very smooth. A two finger tan head forms, and gently recedes in a minute.

Plenty of lace is left behind. S: Big roasted coffee beans up front and center. Bittersweet chocolate, toasted malts. Very nice. T: Again, roasted coffee beans are big and take over from beginning to end. A bit of bitter chocolate and toasted malts. Finishes bitter and slightly acrid. I wish the oatmeal would smooth this out more. As is, a rough and kind of grainy mouthfeel. Not hard to drink. I think if this was more rounded and smooth, I could drink this in a second. A nice coffee stout, but I wish this was more rounded and the acrid coffee less sharp. Founder's Breakfast Stout has this beat on all counts, but I still like it.