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Say good-bye to paint spills and hello to neat stickers this Halloween. Click here to read a previous Halloween Books roundup. For Halloween or any day for that matter, Skulls! Written by W. Happy Halloween, Pirates! Toddlers will love hearing the story then peeking under the flaps to see what treasures the illustrator has buried beneath.

Shiver me timbers!

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A pirate crew receives an invitation via crow to a Halloween party. The action starts immediately as they and assorted pirate ship creatures a cat, some mice plan their costumes. Next the pirates go ashore to have some fun with friends galore. They find the haunted party house and join in the festivities. The kids who invited their sea-faring pirate pals surprise them by dressing up as pirates themselves on board a mini pirate ship!

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Between the flowing rhyme, the interactivity of the flaps and the vibrant artwork, children will stay entertained this Halloween as they play with and say Happy Halloween, Pirates! My level of manageable frightening can be found in Ghastly Ghosts. This pleasing and well paced rhyming picture book starts off by setting a Halloweenish mood, but the main character, Old Dave, refuses to be scared by the moaning noises emanating from coal shed.

The art style is appealing with a lovely palette that also keeps the fright level slight. Old Dave wishes for some company as it gets lonely up in the middle of nowhere which is exactly where he lives. Rather than cower at the scary sounds, our hero faces off with the spirits who he reckons might also enjoy the warmth of his cottage once he replenishes his coal supply. His friendless nights are history. Clever Little Witch is more of a sibling tale than a Halloween one, but since witches abound during this season, it still feels appropriate to share. She tells us what she needs which are a broomstick, a book of spells and a rare and magical pet.

Baby Phu is offered around by his older sister, but no one on the island has any desire to take her little bro off her hands.

Much more than documents.

Nope, not the troll, not the forest fairy queen and not the Orphanage for Lost and Magical Creatures. Youngsters will get a huge kick out of these scenes when the reasons why Baby Phu is rejected are explained. The troll, for instance, got hiccups from the last baby brother he ate.

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When the spells go awry and she creates first a frog, then a seal and finally a dragon that steals her wand, things are not looking good. YES — the dragon, much to her surprise! Does the dragon stay a dragon or does he turn back into Baby Phu who becomes more appreciated? The variety of colors she uses exudes a warm and happy feeling with every page turn. What a sweet, humorous and imaginative sibling story to share with kids! In one case that means going into the deep, dark sea in a submarine seeking a kraken.

So what do you suppose happens next? You guessed it, as will young readers.

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Down she goes into a cave in search of a dragon. Goodner skillfully brings the readers and Ginny back to Earth where the idea of a pet like a goat is suddenly looking a lot better than it originally did! Read another Halloween Books Roundup here. Acorn books, designed for early readers, brings five scary stories to children in this Mister Shivers series.

Beneath the Bed and Other Scary Stories has 64 pages packed with full-color artwork while some other Acorn books have 48 pages. Beneath the Bed and Other Scary Stories opens with a letter from Mister Shivers about a mysterious box delivered to him in which he found items pertaining to each story and a promise to share the stories in the book.

Like all the stories in this book, evocative, muted illustrations help reinforce the easy-to-read text of these fast paced short stories. Upon entering the house with his sister who he brought along for courage, the pair discover a sinister doll with glowing eyes under a bed in the attic bedroom. What follows is the reason why Mr. Instead, they were left out in the rain to be ruined by the elements. Poor Oliver! Okay spine, start tingling because these five stories are guaranteed to make you keep the lights on.

Tween readers will be charmed by the main character Moth Hush, who at 13 learns she is part witch with special powers, something she had only dreamed of up until that point.

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  5. In a group of women suspected of being witches, her grandmother Sarah being one of them, was run out of town. They were indeed witches but good ones and many townspeople secretly went to them to avail of magic to help them. When ousted, Sarah led the women to a timeless land she created called Hecate, but Calendula refused to live there. Sadly, Sarah cast a spell to make this man have no memory of Calendula.

    Pregnant, the brokenhearted, Calendula raised Moth alone with no magic. I got a kick out of the magical cat, Mr. Steinkellner must have had such fun writing and illustrating this story which reads quickly and nicely ties all the loose threads together at the end. The artwork wonderfully and convincingly conveys the moments when Moth experiences the power of magic. I especially liked the historical scenes and when Moth visits Hecate, but to be honest, all the illustrations brought the story alive.

    Billed as Clue meets Little Shop of Horrors, this full-color illustrated book is sure to get young readers in a Halloween mood. The story opens with Ghoulia feeling bored. But her Chatterbox-Ivy-obsessed aunt is nowhere to be found. In fact every illustration is a treat and worthy of a thorough scanning to see what special things Cantini has hung up on the walls or placed in each room.

    Her prose and pictures provide the perfect foreshadowing for kids quick to pick up clues. I smiled my whole way through The Curse of the Werepenguin , a clever, funny and original story within a story. I read it over two days and could not wait to see how author Allan Woodrow would end it. On top of that, he dresses in tuxedos even at home, and consumes massive quantities of fish, every kind imaginable, including live goldfish.


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    I also may never look at fish sticks the same way again! In a trance from his first experience playing video games, Bolt unknowingly agrees to a request by Baron Chordata. This eventually leads to his being bitten on the neck. The result?

    With illustrations by Harriet Russell

    Bolt turns partially into half boy, half penguin or werepenguin, so maybe a quarter … Anyway, after three days the full effect of the transformation will be complete. When the full moon shines, which is every night in Brugaria, the change in Bolt occurs. His feet turn webbed and orange, he sprouts wild tufts of hair, wings, an enormous nose and has cravings for seafood. Then he, along with all the other werepenguins including the baron, bark, wreak havoc and steal fish whenever possible.

    Ultimately, Bolt has to decide what real family is.

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    So start cooking some fish sticks, grab a baguette and get reading! When I did read Ghost , I realized the stories are not only fantastic ghost stories for Halloween, but also ones to commit to memory to share around a campfire. You could also bring the book along but you many not want the hauntingly illustrated, white embossed cover to get dirty.

    As I settled down to read each of the thirteen eerie tales, an owl hooted from my back yard adding to spooky feeling the stories exude.