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Assassin’s Creed Origins: How to Get the Hidden Blade

Her mission is unlocked once you kill one of the main bad guys in the starting area and are then tasked to meet Aya in Alexandria. The quest menu recommends that you find her at level 10, but you can rush to Alexandria and get the Hidden Blade from her well before you reach that level. Try to take down opponents while both you and the enemy are in bushes or tall grass so their bodies stay hidden. This can be done by attracting the opponent via whistling by pressing down on the directional pad.

For a more permanent way to take down enemies at close range before you get the Hidden Blade, get the charge weapon skill. Then get behind unaware opponents in the range that allows you to trigger takedowns, charge up an attack with your weapon, and then kill them that way.

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Other options include sniping opponents with bows. Immerse yourself with enhanced gameplay features available in a wide range of titles.

Analyze how you play compared to the pros with unique insights into your skills. Buy now. Bungee Zoom at Gaze Enhance navigation and improved situational awareness and action planning.

Daywalker: Blade Origins

Aim at gaze Select the target or spot you wish to aim to by looking at it. Set your sights on defeating the secretive kage-sama faction in the Edo period.

Origin Online

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