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He is here for you. Here are a few powerful prayers that may help you and your significant other rekindle the love in your hearts. These are meant to be prayers for you and your spouse to say together, with the hope of re-connecting and coming together toward a common goal — your marriage.

Here are 5 effective prayers to pray for your broken marriage

Honor one another above yourselves. And the second part of this prayer may be just as difficult. Discuss this with your husband or wife and pray together over this verse. Ask each other what you can do in certain situations to put the other one first. This might be as easy as giving them the first cup of coffee in the mornings or folding the last load of laundry at night.

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Or, it may go deeper than that, such as having to forgive. If you are both trying to save your marriage from divorce, this is a great time to communicate with one another and discuss the best ways for showing each other love.

A Prayer for a Strong Marriage - Your Daily Prayer - August 9

So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. One flesh. Those two words are very powerful. If you are married, joined together before God, he does not want you to separate. God loves you — BOTH of you.

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He believes that the two of you, together, are better than apart. In what ways is your life better because of your partner? Discuss these things together and pray over them. How has your partner enriched your life, and made it better? Do you feel like you are a team, operating as one flesh, one body, and one life together?

If not, it may be a good time to discuss how you feel like you could become more connected, and feel more united, as stated in the Bible. Whatever it is, remember that God rejoices in your happiness and your marriage. Pray for no one to separate the special union of you and your partner.

Pray for the Devil not to come between you, but for God to uplift you both and solidify your relationship, making it stronger than ever. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through Christ who gives me strength. This might be one of the hard times…a time of being in need, of being hungry or in want.

However, you know you can get through this with the Lord beside you. Help us to enjoy being married to one another! Help us to pursue each other romantically and sexually. Help me to value, encourage, respect, and nourish our relationship.

2. A Prayer for Your Mind

Help guard my eyes and thoughts from thinking about anyone other than my spouse. Help me to fight the temptations of the world and the temptations of my flesh. I pray if I fall short I would confess to my spouse and to others around me. Help us to do the things we did in the beginning, to make you our first love, and my spouse my second love. Help me to seek first your kingdom and to trust you with everything else. God, help us to remember you went first. Thank you for modeling the way in initiating your love for us.

10 Simple (but Powerful) Prayers to Pray for Your Marriage

Help me to be a student of my spouse. Help us to do nothing that would hinder our prayers. Help us to support each other in our dreams, hopes, and desires. Help me to listen well to my spouse when they share areas of hurt or insecurity. Help me to serve my spouse with joy. Help us to be on mission as a couple and to be bold in the ways we love and dream. I pray the marriages of those around me would thrive, and that they would see marriage as a gift from God. I hope you will help every marriage in our church in the ways I prayed for my own marriage.

12 Incredibly Powerful Prayers for Married Couples - The Prayer Relay Movement

I pray that the marriages in my church home and community would continue to be radically transformed by you and be strengthened in a way that only you can do! God, I pray you would change the world through marriage. Print this post out and put it in your bible or journal as a reminder to pray for your marriage, your spouse, and for the marriages around you.

Share this post with your spouse and share it with your community group or friends.

Get some accountability and encouragement from others to help you pray for your marriage on a consistent basis. If we the marriage team at Watermark can pray for you in any specific way, please comment below or email us at reengage watermark. You selected Dallas as your home campus. Fort Worth is now hosted at watermarkfortworth.

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