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The graphical fixes were not finished until March , and the game was not fully playable until May. EarthBound was released on June 5, in North America. As part of Nintendo's larger "Play It Loud" campaign, EarthBound 's "this game stinks" campaign included foul-smelling scratch and sniff advertisements.

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It emphasized magazine advertisements and had the extra cost of the strategy guide included with each game. EarthBound originally received little critical praise from the American press, [14] [37] and sold poorly in the US: [15] [33] [37] around , copies, as compared to twice as many in Japan.

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They said the "saving graces are the fairly good music" and "hilarious adult humor" but added that "the humor is too mature for little kids, and the gameplay is too immature for older gamers". Lindblom and his team were devastated by the release's poor critical response and sales. He recalled that the game was hurt by reception of its graphics as "simplistic" at a time when critics placed high importance on graphics quality. Reviewing the game years after its release, at least four writers described the game as "original" or "unique", [16] [48] [45] at least two praised its script's range of emotions, [16] [48] and at least four praised its humor.

At least three critics praised its "real world" setting, which was seen as an uncommon choice. He wrote that the beginning was the hardest, and that aspects such as limited inventory, experience grinds, and monetary penalties upon death were unfriendly for players new to Japanese RPGs. At least two reviewers described the game's ambiance as cheery and full of charm.

Schulz -esque character and world design. Thompson wrote that EarthBound balances "dark Lovecraftian apocalypse and silly lightheartedness", and was just as interesting nearly a decade after its original release. While he lamented a lack of "visual feedback" in battle animations, he felt the game had innovations that still feel "smart and unique": the rolling HP meter and lack of random battles. Thompson also noted that technical issues like animation slowdown with multiple enemies on-screen went unfixed in the rerelease. He wrote that some of the menu interactions were clunky.

EarthBound was listed in Video Games You Must Play Before You Die , where Christian Donlan wrote that the game is "name-checked by the video gaming cognoscenti more often than it's actually been played".

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He called the game "utterly brilliant" and praised its overworld and battle system. Kotaku described the game "as one of the weirdest, most surreal role-playing games in RPG history". The few role-playing games set in real world non-fantasy settings, PC Gamer has written, are often and accurately described as having been influenced by EarthBound. A cult following for EarthBound developed after the game's release. Thomas wrote in that EarthBound 's "persistent", "ambitious", and "religiously dedicated collective of hardcore fans" would be among the first groups to influence Nintendo's decision-making through their purchasing power on Virtual Console.

Wired described the amount of EarthBound "fan art, videos, and tributes on fan sites like EarthBound Central or Starmen. It became "the definitive fan community for EarthBound on the web" and had "almost inexplicable" growth. The EarthBound fan community at Starmen. He had planned a book about the game's development, release, and fandom before a reply from Nintendo discouraged him from pursuing the idea. He plans to continue to communicate directly with the community about the game's history.

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EarthBound 's Ness became widely known for his appearance as a playable character throughout the Super Smash Bros. Ness returned in the first sequel, Melee , alongside an EarthBound -themed item and battle arena. Ultimate [88] , and Lucas was later added as downloadable content. It was later canceled altogether in [25] when the 64DD flopped. When Nintendo launched its digital distribution platform, Virtual Console, for the Wii in , IGN expected EarthBound to be among Nintendo's highest priorities for rerelease, given the "religious" dedication of its fanbase. Media related to EarthBound at Wikimedia Commons.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Nintendo video game. For other uses, see Earthbound disambiguation. North American box art, depicting a Starman with Ness' reflection in its visor. See also: EarthBound soundtrack.

See also: Marcus Lindblom. Main article: EarthBound fandom. Main articles: Mother 3 and its development. Fans incorrectly suspected music licensing issues from artists such as The Beatles and Chuck Berry had impeded EarthBound 's re-release. This also applies in Mother 3. Goode ". Saturn items at enemies, [79] and fight in an arena based on the EarthBound city of Fourside.

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  • Ars Technica. He found the lyrics "cheesy and trite" but appreciated the "simple statements" in "Eight Melodies" and the "quirky and wonderful" "Magicant". Sakai worked to make the music feel similar to previous entries in the series.