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I invite you to consider for a moment that white culture is not the gold standard.

In my home country of Trinidad or in an number of Black and Brown communities, if someone steps out of line, most people are likely to handle it immediately, on the spot and with little regard to who is watching and what opinions they may form. Carrying that hurt around and waiting to address it, further oppresses the victim.

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Addressing the issue immediately allows me to lay the burden of the incident back at the feet of the aggressor and walk away freely, knowing that I have said my piece. I release the negative energy created by the offender, and move on. I am free. Ross over-simplifies so much in her diatribe as if she does not she think the reader capable of grasping nuanced situations. If there is one thing Black folks figure out really quickly on this earth, it is how to survive in a world not exactly built to accommodate them.

There are a few things that Ms. Ross gets right. Someone is going to have sand in their proverbial eye and my momma is not even going to spank me for it. You cannot ask the oppressed to play nicely with their oppressors. People avoid meaningful conversations when hyper vigilant perfectionists point out apparent mistakes. That is avoiding the key issue at hand. That is tone policing.

Childless millennials should be banned from Disney World, tired mom rants

That is gas lighting oneself to believe that the fault lies elsewhere. That trick is as old as the day, and in that op-ed, they even celebrated a sister for towing the crooked party line for them. The task at hand is colossal, there is room for multiple approaches. When we choose this path we stop centering whiteness and stop putting the onus on marginalized communities to play the respectability politics charade, hence recognizing the validity of every culture at the table. Sign in. Get started. Mad About Call-out Culture? Karla Thomas — Quadrants4Change.

Quad-Rants 4 Change Karla Thomas is a writer, speaker, and real estate entrepreneur. She lives in Chicago with her wife and two incredible daughters. Quad-Rants 4 Change Follow. Because my daughter is grown that means I can never go there again.

I think not. The one who made that child cry is the mother. The attitude and cursing of that mother sets a real good role model example for that child.

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