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Price incl. Local courier delivery with tracking number or collect from 90 lockers islandwide. Add to My List. Added to Cart. The Ball Python. Written by a team of internationally respected herpetologists led by Philippe de Vosjoli, The Ball Python Manual is an authoritative introduction to this popular snake.

The ball python is admired around the world for its distinctly African appearance and its relative medium size and tameability. This colorful manual offers up-to-date and reliable information on selection, acclimating, handling, housing and maintaining ball pythons, all of which will be extremely valuable to newcomers to this remarkable python. Roger Klingenberg's chapter on health care is indispensable for all snake keepers with excellent advice for troubleshooting health issues for each of..

An elite member of the kingsnake family, the milksnake is found exclusively in the Americas and has one of the largest ranges of all snakes.

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Milksnakes by Bryan Engler and Jerry Walls is devoted to this most diverse of snakes, whose color variations in the pet world exceed those found in nature, illustrating how wildly popular milksnakes are with hobbyists. Thanks to milksnakes' hardiness, ease of breeding and feeding, and generally friendly nature, these attractive snakes have few disadvantages for keepers.

They're modestly sized maxing out at 3 or 4 feet , and their many colorful patterns are undeniably eye-catching, as captured in the photographs of this boo.. The Burmese pythons, the subject of this care guide, is a giant snake with specific feeding, housing, and handling requirements, that is not ideal for most hobbyists and an unusual choice as a pet. Nonetheless, author Philippe de Vosjoli notes in the first chapter that his favorite snake was indeed a Burmese python, as no other snake "has ever equaled this particular animal in terms of personality and responsiveness.

For snake hobbyists interested in purchasing and keeping this gentle giant, Burmese Pythons is an excellent int.. The remarkable red-eared slider is a freshwater turtle that belongs to the Emydidae family of turtles, of which there are currently fourteen subspecies. Although popular pets among children, red-eared sliders require a considerable amount of special care, and this colorful guide provides the necessary information to keep these turtles properly attended in captivity. Refine your search for land hermit crabs.

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