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Log In Sign Up. I am a historian of science and philosophy. I specialize in the connections between philosophy and natural sciences from roughly until in the Western European cultural realm.

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My focus is on the history of chemistry and the history of medicine in their broader philosophical as well as social contexts. Jackson and Christiane Frey less.

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Anderson et al. The possibility of bridging these two realms of inquiry into a coherent, holistic project has been played down, if not outright rejected.

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To show this continuity I argue that the fundamental structure of Schillerian s aesthetics is based on the same mental model employed in the s in his physiology. In spite of all his dedication to the anthropological idea of commerce between body and mind, for Schiller the body is conceded ontological priority, while it is the mind which retains higher moral value.

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In , at the age of 32, the famous German writer, Friedrich Schiller contracted tuberculosis. He was plagued by a chronic pulmonary disorder for the rest of his life. It is in that time and under the sign of chronic suffering - until his death in - that Schiller produced some of his major theoretical works.

The chapter is concerned less with the direct manifestations of the illness, and more with the way in which Schiller weaves the bodily experience of his chronic suffering into the body of his philosophy; with the way literature and philosophical thinking is transformed by, or imprinted with the pattern of the disease in question.

For Schiller, as in the case of other thinkers who developed their main ideas while suffering from chronic illnesses like Friedrich Nietzsche or Immanuel Kant , philosophy is also a somatic affair and writing means implicitly writing the illness, even when the text is not openly pathographical.

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Lying at the very intersection between bodily experience and its intellectual, philosophical and literary processing, his lung disease influenced the way Schiller shaped his characteristic philosophy, which thus bears the mark of a particular bodily experience. Save to Library Edit. Taught Courses. In diesem Seminar erkunden wir, wie die Naturwissenschaften, die Literatur und die Philosophie in der Neuzeit verflochten sind und sich gegenseitig befruchten und bereichern. Untersucht wird, wie in bedeutenden literarischen Werken der Fortschritt des naturwissenschaftlichen Denkens — Physik, Biologie — reflektiert und literarisch verarbeitet wurde.

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In diesem Kontext schreibt sich Kants Projekt auch ein. The diagnoses he received were very diverse, and yet never until weeks before his demise did he get to know the real disease behind his many symptoms: leukemia. Not knowing what he suffers from, not having the convenience of a labeled disease, Rilke struggled to make sense of his experience of living with an unpredictable, ill body. With the onset of severe illness, however, this relationship becomes dynamized.

Even so, Rilke does not depart from his commitment to enduring all affliction alongside the body. dictionary :: Körpersäfte :: German-English translation

It is a philosophical commitment, but with concrete consequences: he even refuses to take any pain relievers, insisting that pain has to be lived through. Robert Kase, Walter Siegenthaler, Humoral ,. Johann-Christian Reil, Humoral , und Solidarpathologie. Georg Wedekind, Roser, praes.

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Gabriel Gustav Valentin, Humoral immune factors and asthma among American Indian For all of the above reasons, we sought to obtain additional information from an American Indian population, comparing humoral immune factors among those Humoral immunity was identified as the correlate of protection against corneal neovascularization, HSV-1 shedding, and latency through passive immunization. La Dra. This indication includes, but is not limited to, the humoral immune defect in common variable immunodeficiency, X-linked agammaglobulinemia, congenital An interaction quantitative trait loci tool implicates epistatic functional For gene expression profiling, subjects were selected based on immune extremes both high and low expression of humoral neutralizing antibody and