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Testimonials about Kwiziq

We're hooked. I absolutely love this learning tool, it is so good and the lessons and quizzes are perfect for my learning style. I enjoy the site very much and find I retain a lot more through this method that I was through duolingo etc.

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I studied French years ago in college, but have not used it in years. I wanted to refresh my knowledge since my daughter is currently learning French in college with the hope of moving to France. I was amazed by how much I was able to learn in just one week after taking 60 short quizzes!

Your Facebook posts and blogs are also outstanding! Keep up the good work. I am sorry to gush about Kwiziq, but my husband and my mother are sick of hearing about it. It is perfect for me - I have huge gaps because I am self-taught. It finds my gaps and drills them, which is what I desperately need. Kwiziq placed me in B1 and I was in B2 within a day. Duolingo was slow and agonizing - a huge waste of my time. With Kwiziq, I can go through the lower levels painlessly because it breezes me through the things I already know.

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I absolutely adore your website. I've been learning various languages for over six years and I can hands down say Kwiziq is "The One", the website that I've been waiting for which makes fluency seem not just possible but probable. Great job, you guys! And I first started learning 50 years ago! Since I found this site, I almost never go anywhere else, and feel that I have really made progress with my French, even oral speaking. I do at least 5 tests a day, after a year I have just moved to C1. That is very exciting. The test taking really challenges you on what you really know and you get to practice it over and over again until you know it.

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This is an incredible learning tool and very cost-effective too. I've tried attending courses, immersion while working , listening to tv and radio, but I never moved beyond A2. All these years, I actually had no idea what level I was at. This program placed me in a level, and this motivated me to complete sections to advance. The quick kwizzes every day are a great way to keep working on my french even when I'm busy - there's no excuse. Kwiziq's AI, scoring and testing are excellent. The system has helped me to improve in areas that I had not previously either realised were problems, or did not know how to approach learning.

I find it very useful to have a link in quizzes to the point that has been tested. I find the BrainMap a practical tool to understand visually where I am in learning French. The customized study plan and tests are the best I've found online. They inspire and motivate me as well as keep me accountable. Kwiziq is the next best thing to a traditional classroom. I have truly enjoyed the new site. It is excellent with great feedback and so far I have found it the best site on the internet for improving my French.

I love Kwiziq. I have noticed a big improvement in my French skills. I just wanted to send a quick note to let you guys know how awesome I find your site and its content. I've only been using Kwiziq for a few weeks, but the progress I've achieved in this time is unreal. I am motivated, and am having fun every step of the way. Keep up the great work!

This process is a fantastic way to work through grammar and one I recommend to others regularly. Love the new assessment system. Thank you. I am absolutely loving your product. This is by far the best French grammar instruction I've ever received! Really excited about this! Twenty tests in, I can already see so much growth in my French. Please keep doing what you're doing! I love, love, love the Brain Map Merci beaucoup!!

Of all the websites I have used to help with my French, your website is hands down the best! Because I live in France and can speak French fairly confidently, I was amazed when I discovered I had so much to learn at beginner and lower intermediate levels!! I didn't realise I had so many gaps. I have been searching far and wide for a French tool, having studied at a French Institute somewhat intensely for 2 years continuously levels through , and then the past 2 trying to self-study but never being able to find something that worked.

I haven't "felt" progression with these by much.

In contrast, I have been using Kwiziq for only a couple of days, and I am amazed by how much it has solidified skills and my confidence in the language. Merci beaucoup! Hi, I love your software, I truly do. I was wondering if you do any other languages too? I would literally start learning a language if it could be taught in the same "adaptive testing" framework you currently offer.

I just signed up for a year because this system really works for me. I have been studying French for years and up until now I've never found a website that is truly helpful for studying grammar. I just love the Kwiziq French Test site. This has been so helpful for filling in the 'holes' in my grammar knowledge.

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Excellent site! Thanks for the wonderful tool to help me in my quest to master French! Your service has been great and helped my pass my Canadian government job exam!


jim lindie french edition Manual

Eh bien, I just wanted to say that your site is terrific. So clever, so quick, so focussed, so addictive!

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  5. The most powerful thing for me is that your system quickly tracks down the million little things I do not know - and then fixes me up. I always need to repeat things over and over, and this system is perfect for that.

    Download e-book Jim lindie (French Edition)

    Cheers, Einar. Gosh, I love Kwiziq! I really like the occasionally quirky humor in the Kwizzes. I get so much more from this training than I got from Rosetta Stone, that I quit my subscription with them. Thank you for this online French course! It's the best help I've had. I am delighted with the results, it's as l hoped.

    I will be using the site frequently, l think it's fantastically helpful. This is just what l needed! I think Kwiziq is fabulous!