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Curdie later learns that the goblins are digging a tunnel in the mines towards the king's palace, where they plan to abduct the Princess and marry her to goblin prince Harelip. Curdie warns the palace guards about this, but is imprisoned instead and contracts a fever through a wound in his leg, until Irene's great-great-grandmother heals the wound.

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Meanwhile, the goblins break through the palace floor and come to abduct the princess; but Curdie escapes from his prison room and stamps on the goblins' feet. Upon the goblins' retreat, Irene is believed a captive; but Curdie follows the magic thread to her refuge at his own house, and restores her to the king.

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When the goblins flood the mines, the water enters the palace, and Curdie warns the others; but the goblins are drowned. The king asks him to serve as a bodyguard; but Curdie refuses, saying he cannot leave his mother and father, and instead accepts a new red petticoat for his mother, as a reward. In the s, the novel was adapted in animated form by Jay Ward for his Fractured Fairy Tales series.

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  • This version involved a race of innocent goblins who are forced to live underground. The goblin king falls in love with a princess, but a prince saves her by reciting poetry because goblins hate it. The sequel to this book is The Princess and Curdie. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the novel.

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    For the film, see The Princess and the Goblin film. Cover of the Blackie and Son edition, illustrator uncredited [1]. Retrieved 11 October Probably the 12 colour illustrations are by a new artist and the 30 black-and-white are those by Hughes from the original serial and book publications, both uncredited in this edition. Other publishers created new editions thus, with artwork credited.

    For instance, J. Lippincott used new colour illustrations by Maria L. Meigs, Cornelia ed. A Critical History of Children's Literature. New Zealand Art Monthly. Archived from the original on 7 March Retrieved 18 January Behind The Voice Actors.

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    The New York Times. Retrieved 3 March Children's literature portal. Forums The Watty Awards.

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