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Minutes later, when he started to shiver, his face shockingly cold to the touch, he stood up. He rushed out the door into the dawn light. I stuffed my face into the pillow and screamed and screamed. I knew what he was doing at that very moment: running, as far away from the house before he transformed and the rays of sunlight became like waterfalls of acid burning through his hair, his muscles, his bones, his kidney, lungs, heart.

The driveway was empty in the dark birth of night. My father was not there.

Not then or ever again. My father was right. I became alone that day. We were once a family of four, but that was a long time ago. Then it was just my father and me, and it was enough. I missed my mother and sister, but I was too young to form any real attachments with them. They are vague shapes in my memory. Sometimes, though, even now, I hear the voice of a woman singing and it always catches me off guard. I hear it and I think: Mother had a really pretty voice. My father, though. He missed them terribly. I never saw him cry, not even after we had to burn all the photos and notebooks.

My father had prepared me to be alone. He knew that day would eventually come, although I think deep down he believed it was he who would be the last one left, not me. He spent years drilling the rules into me so I knew them better than my own self. Even now, as I get ready for school at dusk, that laborious process of washing, filing my nails, shaving my arms and legs and recently, even a few chest hairs , rubbing ointment to mask the odor , polishing my fake fangs, I hear his voice in my head, going over the rules.

Like today.

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Never forget who you are. I never knew why my father would say that. Every time I shave my legs or hold in a sneeze or stifle a laugh or pretend to flinch at a slip of stray light, I am reminded of who I am. A fake person. See All Customer Reviews.

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Shop Teen Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Don't Sweat. About the Author. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. The Hunt 4.

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Fukuda has created a terrifying world in which vampires rule and humans are almost extinct. I consumed this dark tale in a few hours and it quickly became one of my favorite reads for Gone are the vampires that sparkle! This tale was fast paced, horrifying and delicious! When the tale begins we meet seventeen year old, human protagonist Gene.

He is in high school and trying to blend in. He knows the rules, his father taught him well. One slip and he will be devoured. Gene lives in a vampire world, where the day begins at dusk and ends at sunrise. He has been on his own since his father was bitten years ago. He is brilliant, but is careful not to stand out. Everyday is a challenge and only during daylight hours can he be himself. While at school it is announced that the ruler will address the nation. This causes immediate salivating and mass speculation amount the vampire students.

The last time the ruler address the nation was ten years ago, when he announced a Heper Hunt. This is a huge event.

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Before Gene can even think, he is whisked away and taken along with seven others to the Heper Institute. Here they go through training, attend galas and prepare for the hunt. The tale that unfolds is splendid, steeped in horror and riddled with tension and fear. I absolutely without a doubt loved the human characters. Fukuda does an extraordinary job of giving them depth and believability. The complications that arise from living in a vampire world are astronomical and his attention to all these quirks was quite enthralling.

His depiction of this particular species of vampires and their habits was entrancing. The scene where an adolescent vampire gets her first kiss was both creepy and mind-boggling. Fukuda created a complete language for the vampires.

Dragon Brothers trilogy book 1: Dragon Hunters

The way they expressed emotions and communicated with each other was fascinating. The vampires themselves are incredibly creepy and at times behaved in an animalist way that I found terrifying. The romance that develops is secondary to the tale, but sweet and genuine. I really connected with these characters. Their hopes, fears and desires became mine. The world Fukuda creates is unique, original and detailed. Parts of it were horrifying and others made me laugh. His perception of how another species would perceive us was totally amazing. The choices Gene and Ashley must face are extraordinary and kept me completely engrossed.

I love when a book consumes you, and this one left me spent and wanting more. Anonymous More than 1 year ago I got the sample and I loved it. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Well, i got the sample, and it is awrsome! Get the sample from how to survive the hunger games. If you like the hunger games, then this book is perfect. Perhaps it will be, it has had many a 5 star review. For me, however, it is not.

Sherrilyn Kenyon

After I finished reading, I went onto Goodreads and read some of the 5 star reviews, and some of the 2 star reviews. As it turns out, all the people who posted 2 and 3 star reviews had the exact same problems with the novel as I did. Vampires dominating a human world.

Hunter X Hunter Episode 1 - 10

This is not a story about romance, this is a story about survival. But holy smokes, it is ridiculously unrealistic. Now that may sound silly, considering it is a novel about vampires but here is why. Gene, the main character, has been hiding all his life in among the vampires.

He can't sweat, he can't clear his throat, he can't get smelly, he can't even have hair on his body or the vampires will discover he is human.