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To get more views on YouTube, create a playlist of your best content and start promoting it today! Cards and end screens are tools that you can use to promote your videos to get more views on YouTube. An end screen is a dedicated frame that you can place at the end of your videos to wrap things up, and highlight calls-to-action. Cards are a tool that you can set to pop-up anytime in the video. You can see both at work in this example from the Oberlo YouTube channel :.

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End screens and cards are powerful tools, so make sure you use them to present calls-to-action in your YouTube videos. Watermarks allow you to gain more subscribers and free YouTube views by promoting your channel across all of your videos. Essentially, a watermark is just an image that you can set to appear on all of your videos — most brands use their logo. When a viewer hovers their mouse over a watermark, it prompts them to subscribe.

Once again, you need to verify your YouTube account to be able to upload a watermark. In summary, use this simple tool to promote your dropshipping brand on your YouTube channel. Because you forgot to enable embedding. Allowing viewers to embed your video on their websites and blogs is an effective way for your brand to reach new audiences and get more views on YouTube.

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Bottom-line: Check your videos are embedding enabled to encourage viewers to share your content. If you have followers on other social channels, let them know each time you upload a new video to YouTube. A good way to do this is with a short teaser video.

In the example below, we created a minute-long teaser for a new YouTube video, then we posted it on the Oberlo Facebook page with a link to the full video on the Oberlo YouTube channel. To make things easier, try using a social media scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Buffer. You can also embed your YouTube videos in relevant blog posts and pages on your website. With an industry average open rate of 18 percent and a purchase rate of 66 percent , email marketing is a powerhouse when it comes to sales conversions. Here at Oberlo, we send out a simple email letting our subscribers know when we release a new video.

Watch Time is how much time people spend actually watching your videos:. Bottom-line: YouTube rewards quality. The better your videos are, the more time people spend watching them. This will increase your Watch Time minutes and so YouTube will favor your videos and channel. So to get more views on YouTube, you need to use it like other social networks. The best way is to simply respond to comments — especially if someone asks a direct question.

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As you can see below , we practice what we preach here at Oberlo! You should also be an active member of your niche community. Subscribe to other channels in your niche, leave comments on their videos, and share any that your own audience might enjoy. In other words, give before you get. If you engage generously and authentically, viewers will notice and it will be much easier to establish your brand in a niche of passionate fans.

Lastly, you can also involve viewers directly. One of the easiest ways to do this is to hold a contest or prize draw. For example, you could ask viewers to share your video on Facebook and leave a comment to be entered into a draw to win one of your products. Growing a loyal, active community is a surefire way to get more views on YouTube. YouTube is a search engine. Which means search engine optimization SEO matters. And the platform provides a number of opportunities to optimize your channel and videos — including video file names, titles, descriptions, and tags. So include as much information as possible.

Crucially, you need to know which keywords you want your videos and channel to rank for. YouTuber Graham Cochrane discovers relevant keywords by typing potential keywords into the search bar to see what appears in the autocomplete. Also keep your titles between characters long.

#2: Develop a Sustainable Video Production Workflow

Sure, you need to use keywords to help your videos rank in search results, but to get more free YouTube views, you also need your video titles and descriptions to appeal to viewers. In general, aim for a balance between accurate, informative, and attention-grabbing.

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  • Optimizing your channel is vital to strengthening your brand and boosting your YouTube views. And YouTube provides plenty of ways to optimize your channel. Ensure that your YouTube branding is consistent with your website and other social channels. This means using the same logo, images, and colors. Your profile picture should be x pixels. It should also still look good when displayed smaller. What should you write in your YouTube channel description? Well, start with a quick description of your brand and the benefits of your products.

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    Then tell viewers why they should watch your YouTube videos. Are you teaching them something? Or is your channel mostly about entertainment? Just like your individual video titles, make sure that you include your targeted keywords in your YouTube channel description. In other words, make it easy for viewers to find out more about your brand.

    In summary, make sure that you optimize your YouTube channel and that all of your information is complete. This little image is extremely important if you want to get more free YouTube views.

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    When you upload a video, you can choose one of the auto-generated thumbnail images. Instead, create and upload your own custom thumbnail image. YouTube reports that 90 percent of the top-performing videos on YouTube use them — and for good reason. An effective thumbnail image can help your videos stand out. In fact, they recommend that you think about your thumbnail before you start filming. That way, you can make sure you capture the footage needed to create a compelling thumbnail image.

    Okay, what about the technicalities?

    Create an Irresistible YouTube Thumbnail for Your Video

    Your thumbnail should:. You can also use a free image editing and graphic design tool like Canva to create your thumbnails. Remember, thumbnails are one of the best ways to catch the attention of people browsing YouTube, so make sure that yours are effective and compelling. Creating videos are great but sometimes your audience will need a transcription, due to language constraints or disability. YouTube allows for closed captions where a transcript is added as subtitles to a video.

    Viewers can toggle these subtitles on and off at will. That way you can craft your video and optimization around that goal. After you refine your end screen strategy, you can save time by importing a template from a previous video. All you have to do is click Import From Video and select the video from which you want to import end screens.

    This feature makes applying end screens fast and easy, especially if you have an end screen template that performs well. To monitor the success of your end screen elements and refine your strategy based on your data, open Analytics in Creator Studio and select End Screens to see which perform best. Then, obviously, do more of what works. Until very recently, the effect you created with end screens was built through annotations.

    However, end screens are mobile-friendly and YouTube will likely phase out annotations altogether in the coming years. YouTube cards are different from end screens in that you can use them to link to something in the middle of the video. Indeed, YouTube says cards are suppressed while an end screen appears. Long pauses, meandering talking, bouncing from one subject to another, or just being boring can make people start looking at the recommended videos for something more interesting.

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    To simultaneously avoid distractions and keep your videos fast-paced and engaging , you can quickly cut from one shot to another like Devinsupertramp. You can also use text or transitions that come with basic video editors. Thumbnails, more than any other factor, can make or break your success on YouTube. Suggested videos. Suggested videos are the leading source of organic traffic on YouTube. When your video appears as a suggested video, YouTube is basically endorsing it by saying that someone watching some other video might enjoy your video as well.

    Moreover, if your video attracts clicks as a suggested video, its clickability is likely to register with the YouTube algorithm. Remember that more than anything else in the world, YouTube wants viewers to click another video. Nothing makes people click away faster than a video that has nothing to do with the thumbnail. Viewers feel tricked.