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Since she didn't know when her birthday was, she measures her years by this day instead. After watching a memory of her mother abandoning her, and blowing out the candle on her cupcake, the wizard flies in, dropping the Scarecrow on the ground before flying off. She tells the Scarecrow that he is going to help her with creating a time travel spell and needs his brain as one of the ingredients.

As she is about to extract the brain from him, Dorothy bursts in, stopping her. Selena shows surprise at Dorothy's return thinking she sent her back to Kansas. Dorothy explains she came back after learning from the Munchkins that Zelena had taken over Oz. After asking Zelena to let the Scarecrow go, and she refuses, Dorothy tells Zelena that she will never defeat her because she has the most powerful weapon: the love of the people. As Zelena prepares to shoot a ball of magic at Dorothy, Toto jumps out of the basket he had been hiding in, and pulls on the string of the curtains, which fall down and trap Zelena as he and Dorothy escape.

That night, Zelena goes to Munchkinland to interrogate the Munchkins on the Scarecrow's whereabouts. After she kills one of the Munchkins, and is about to kill another, Hades appears, introducing himself to Zelena and scaring off the Munckins with his blue-flame hair. He says he had heard the rumors of Zelena wishing to make a time travel spell, and offers his help and an alliance. Selena tells him she doesn't need anyone's help before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Later as she returns to the Emerald City, She finds Hades waiting for her, siting at her mirror. He holds up the cupcake asking her if it was her birthday. She tells him she doesn't know when her birthday is, only the day she was abandoned by her mother, and asks him to leave.

Hades however, stays, telling her that his offer of help did come from a place of self interest but he can still help her. He tells he that he knows she is thinking of her sister, who got everything she wanted while Zelena got nothing. He tells her he is in the same situation with his brother, Zeus.

While Zeus had gotten what he wanted and became ruler of Mount Olympus , Hades had been trapped in the Underworld , his heart stopped by Zeus. He then tells Zelena that only true love's kiss can restart his heart. He also tells her that he wants to use the time travel spell to go back in time and see to it that he becomes the ruler of Olympus while Zeus is sent to suffer in the Underworld.

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Zelena rips out the Scarecrow 's brain. Hades brings Zelena to the sight where Dorothy originally arrived in Oz, picking up Dorothy's bike. When Zelena asked what it is and how will it help them find the Scarecrow, Hades tells her to hop on and he'll show her. They take a ride through the forest, with Zelena squealing with enjoyment throughout the entire ride.

They crash into a tree root, falling over.

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They both giggle with delight, before sitting up. Selena asks again how it will help them find her prey. Hades tells her it is Dorothy's bike, and if Zelena enchants it, it will take them right to Dorothy and the Scarecrow. She waves a hand over it, making briefly grow green.

They get back on and the bike takes them to a small hut in the forest, where Dorothy and the Scarecrow are sitting by the fire outside. Hades tells her that Dorothy is no match for her, and that Zelena is the most brilliantly wicked, clever witty and beautiful woman he has ever met. After encouragement from Hades, she then goes to get the Scarecrow's brain. She is about to celebrate his death with Hades, but turns around to discover he is gone.

After arriving back home, Zelena finds Hades has set a table for dinner for the both of them to celebrate. He also feels Zelena to be his true love, saying he felt his heart flutter during their bike ride, and believes that once they share true love's kiss, his heart will start again. She pulls away, saying she doesn't believe him and that he is only after the time-travel spell. He denies her claims, saying that he loves her. Selena says no one can ever love her, and if he did, he would not want to take away her chance at revenge.

She tells him to leave. Hades angrily tells her she will regret this before disappearing in front her. Years later as the second half of Season 3 begins everyone who was affected by the Dark Curse returns to the Enchanted Forest. Sometime before this occurred, monopolizing the castle abandoned by Snow White and Regina, Zelena threatened to harm Aurora , Prince Phillip , and their baby.

Zelena agrees to not hurt them as long as they give her valuable information. When they tell her of the return of Storybrooke 's residents, she sends flying monkeys to get blood from Regina , who are successful in procuring the blood. When a flying monkey attacks Regina and Roland the son of Robin Hood , Regina transforms the monster in plush. Zelena and her half-sister Regina. However, at the great surprise of all, Regina does not know her. After that, the Evil Queen enters in the castle by a secret passage which she had put under magic shield, making of her the only person be able to enter it.

As the Queen makes her way through the passage she notices her mother's crypt had been opened despite being sealed with blood magic.

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Making her question just how powerful the witch is. Regina finds herself face to face with her new nemesis who reveals to her that she is her half sister. Denied by Cora because Zelena could not give Cora the one thing she wanted most being royalty Cora abandoned Zelena. Zelena tells Regina she learned magic with Rumplestiltskin just as Regina did.

Zelena shows herself warlike and jealous to Regina although the latter tells her that to life with Cora was not enviable. However the witch dismisses this comment and tells Regina she will take everything away from her and flies away on a broom. Unknown to the pair, whoever resurrects the Dark One will lose their life. Shortly after Neal opens the vault, he begins dying while Rumplestiltskin is resurrected. During the Chaos Zelena is able to grab the dagger that controls Rumple. After learning Aurora and Prince Phillip told Snow White that she desires their unborn child, Zelena makes a speedy entrance to the palace to turn the twosome into flying monkeys as punishment.

Then she approaches to touch Snow White's belly and promises the child will soon be hers.

The Complete Story of Destiny! From origins to Shadowkeep [Timeline and Lore explained]

Snow White learns from Glinda the good witch to defeat Zelena they need a wielder of light magic which is Emma but the only way to get to Emma is to cast the Dark Curse. Zelena interferes with the curse being cast by Snow White and Regina by dropping a forgetting potion into the mixture, which will erase their memories of the past year in the Enchanted Forest. Victorious, she flies off back to the castle to ingest a substance to retain her memories. Zelena then hands the same vial to Rumplestiltskin; daring him to keep his memories or be foolish enough to want to forget.

Before she is sent to Storybrooke with the others she sent Walsh , whom she had turned into a winged monkey many years earlier after uncovering his charade as the Great and Powerful Wizard, to live in New York City in his human form. There, he is to seduce and occupy the Savior Emma who Zelena believes is the only person who can defeat her , who is also living in New York amnesic after the battle against Peter Pan. In Storybrooke, she appears the same, except for the green skin she unwillingly acquired due to envy. When the inhabitants assemble together, she sits among them while remaining quiet.

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She smiles when Regina is accused for the new curse. Afterward, Zelena approaches Snow White, who is pregnant. She claims to have been a midwife in the fairytale world. Zelena then goes in the storm cellar where she holds Rumplestiltskin prisoner. Rumplestiltskin escapes the cellar and is able to inform Emma Zelena is the Wicked Witch. Zelena however is able to bring him back to the cellar as she controls the dagger. After her cover is blown she challenges Regina to a witch fight which ends in a draw. After the showdown between her and Regina, Zelena distracts Regina one day because she is having Rumple retrieve Regina's resilient heart.

Her plan is to alter the past to claim a life with her mother, who abandoned her after birth. Zelena kidnaps Mary Marget's baby and begins the time travel spell but is stopped by Regina who has learned light magic. Following her defeat she is killed by Mr.

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Gold who makes everyone think Zelena killed herself. It was revealed however, that once Gold had stabbed her, Zelena's life force left her body before she could physically die and she activated the time portal that sent Emma and Hook to past. When she found out that Emma and Hook were planning to bring back Marian with them to the present, she killed her and disguised herself as Marian from then on.

When Elsa arrived in Storybrooke, she created a snow monster when trying to protect herself which chased Emma, Hook , Robin Hood, and David out of the area where they were trying to track her.

They tried to defeat the monster in the woods, only to all got knocked unconscious. Marian who unbeknownst to them was really Zelena in a disguised form , also shot an arrow at the monster, but this only serves to incur its wrath. The monster then heads towards Zelena, when Regina shows up, she merely smiles when Zelena asks her to help, and disappears. However, at the last second, Regina changes her mind and defeats the snow monster by burning it. Zelena thanks Regina, with Regina welcoming her to Storybrooke still thinking that she is really Maid Marian.

Afterwards, Regina disappears, still heartbroken Robin Hood, Zelena, and Roland visit "Any Given Sundae," where the Snow Queen serves them ice cream, but unknown to them she casts a spell on the ice cream cone that she gave Zelena. Thematic Concerns for Parents: Monkess encounters dangerous things like lava and a tsunami, but her invulnerable nature make these events opportunities for play rather than moments of terror.

There is the barest allusion to the fact that, time being what it is, the scientists who created her are no longer alive.