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It was amazing! It was a Friday, and I made up my mind that I would hand in my resignation letter on Monday. My goal was to pursue my training in coaching full time then transition into my new career. When Monday arrived, I could not get any one from HR to return my calls or make an appointment that whole day. Finally at pm, I made my way to the top floor to my Human Resources Representative. I hand in my letter of resignation and felt a big weight of relive as I knew I was going to pursue my new career of becoming a career educator.

The very next day in the late afternoon, there was a mandatory department wide staff meeting. As everyone was heading out, my coworker asked if I was coming.

No one knew at that time that I had officially resigned except HR. I said no because I resigned yesterday and given my two weeks noticed. I said that I am leaving the fashion industry to become a career counselor. They all went to the meeting and unfortunately, by the looks on their faces, they did not receive any good news. The department was phasing out and they will all eventually lose their jobs by the end of the summer.

My Grandma Told Me Goodbye In A Dream The Night She Died

At that unexpecting moment, so many coworkers came to me seeking advice and I was immediately thrust into my new industry with no warning. I embraced the notion that I was on the right path and helped to provide comfort and guidance to my coworkers. Over the course of my last two weeks there, I was saying goodbye to colleagues that I have meet from various paths of life and we intersected again at that job. She looked so sad. I asked her: "What's wrong? Then she laid down in the dirt and pulled the grass back over her.

Goodbye My Dreams by Yakuro

Confused, I asked everyone at the gazebo "Where did Grandmama go? It was then my Mother told me that my Grandma had passed away. I couldn't believe it. I was devastated.

New Roky Erickson & Okkervil River: "Goodbye Sweet Dreams"

It felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest. The next day I started thinking about the dream I had the night before. It made me wonder if my Grandmother visited me in my dreams when she passed. She wanted to say goodbye to me. That thought kind of comforted me but at the same time I felt upset. Not just upset because she died. But upset because she looked so sad in my dream. I don't think that she was ready to leave us behind.

I honestly think that she was telling me goodbye in my dreams. I often think about that dream, but I also often think of all the good times we had when she was alive. I would give anything to see her again. She was an amazing, kind, strong, beautiful, and loving woman. RIP Grandmama. I Love you. There is no such thing as asking too many questions.. Question everything Keep your eyes open to the possibilities The world is over, and it isn't Website Find.

Seeing a grand parent sad in dream was a sign that she protected you from an upcoming danger or some misfortune. She took that misfortune with her and passed away. The noble thing to do would be, to remember her on every now and then. The actual cause for all this incident as per my knowledge and philosophy is that every living species on earth do their best to protect their off-springs from dangers, and we are always connected to our makers, be it mother, grandmother.

And this linkage is continual and does not end with death or birth. It is possible that she might take rebirth in your family and who knows you get to meet her again in different way. Thank You for your reply. I appreciate it and it interesting what you said. I still think about her often.. My Mom and I still share memories of her and cry together about how much we miss her and remembering the good times when she was around. My life actually took a turn for the worse after she died..

My dead dog said goodbye to me in a dream.

I do not - and have never blamed her for what I am about to say or anything - but when she died - I kind of lost it.. For many years my way of dealing with things was to cut and run and not look back. I was forever fleeing from something or someone or some place, a disastrous situation, for example, or my various addictions or ruined relationships.

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This state of flight felt like a creative, motivating force, yet was actually completely devoid of reflection, and certainly unimpeded by the corrective influence of regret. I felt that if I ever stopped I would be eaten alive by the chaos that followed me around like a stray dog. It took many years before I found the resolve to turn around and stare down the imagined monster of my past.

Still Can't Say GoodBye

I found, when I finally looked, many ancient and festering wounds that a timely and heartfelt goodbye could well have healed. Over time I have learned that the opportunity to say goodbye is the ultimate privilege. It can serve as a sigh of remembered love, a reparative breath that precedes an adjournment, a pause of gratitude before you inhabit the next you. To say goodbye, as difficult as it can be, must be seen as a gesture of reverence to the passage of life because there are many to whom this opportunity is denied, with devastating effect.

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