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Without iron, the body cannot make red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron from food. Try squeezing a lemon over a spinach omelet in the morning or drinking a glass of fresh orange juice with an iron-rich breakfast. Here is a recipe for a baby spinach omelet. Going gluten-free does not have to mean missing out on breakfast classics.

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People can make banana muffins gluten-free by using gluten-free flour, which is available in many grocery stores. People can also choose between brands of gluten-free flour online.

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Bananas are a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, potassium , and manganese. Here is a recipe for gluten-free banana muffins. As well as containing plenty of protein from the eggs, this gluten-free meal provides a range of vitamins, including vitamin C. Here is a recipe for breakfast tomatoes. Overnight oats are ideal for people who are short on time in the morning because the preparation takes place the evening before.

Oats are a good source of a dietary fiber called beta-glucans. Research findings suggest that beta-glucans from oats may lower a person's cholesterol levels. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend up to 28 g of fiber per day for females and up to 34 g for males, depending on a person's age. Gluten-free oats are available to purchase in most grocery stores and online. Here is a recipe for gluten-free overnight oats.

Those looking for a colorful lunch option can try making this chopped Thai salad, which is bright orange, red, and green and contains plenty of nutritious vegetables. The main ingredients are carrots, kale , peppers, and edamame beans. Kale is full of iron and protein, making it a particularly healthful addition. Edamame beans are among the richest sources of protein for people eating vegetarian and vegan diets. Here is a recipe for chopped Thai salad.

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Another healthful and gluten-free salad that is a good lunch option is herbed tuna and white bean salad. Tuna is a source of omega-3 fatty acids. Research has shown that omega-3 fatty acid supplements may reduce triglyceride levels and improve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Here is a recipe for herbed tuna and white bean salad. Chicken quinoa burrito bowls use quinoa rather than wheat-based grains.


Quinoa is a naturally gluten-free grain that is rich in protein. People can substitute tuna for chicken if they eat fish but not meat, and they can also swap out the vegetables in this recipe for their seasonal favorites. Here is a recipe for chicken quinoa burrito bowls. Here is a recipe for fully loaded sweet potatoes. The recipe below shows how to make the gluten-free tortillas themselves from scratch. To save time, a person can use gluten-free tortillas from a grocery store instead. People can mix and match their wrap fillings.

A poorly written article with a devastating conclusion with an agenda. I would like you to explain dear madam how I shed three meds BP,Cholesterol, pre Diabetes in 6 months all from one simple change in my lifestyle……. And, along the way lost 25 pounds.

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As a lifetime athlete my Docs just kept shrugging their shoulders about my worsening condition……2 of them are Harvard grads. Wheat free is a liberation. It only makes you fat and sick. All the things you need are in other food. I tell it to everybody. Because everybody should know it.

I suffered from severe bowel problems since childhood and saw many doctors but nothing they did helped. They told me their was nothing they could do and i had to live with it. In I got a computer and searched the internet with my symptoms. I found a discussion group where a man related the extreme symptoms he had when eating ice cream with a bit of cookie in it.

He attributed these symptoms to the wheat. I decided to try going wheat free as I had done everything suggested to me to alleviate my symptons except for ingesting wormwood. I just buy my own food and do my own cooking and consider it a delight and not a burden. Why would I consider it a burden? Gluten free is no fad. Thank you Doctor Davis, you are saving children from the years of misery I had to go through. I wish I had you for a doctor instead of the knuckleheads I had to go to. Poorly researched article — Last expected from Harvard.

If Harvard wants their reputation maintained, they should review such flippant drivel from some uninformed serf. The hundreds of comments above and thousands of experiences of real people will not substitute the poor advice offered. This article is a shame… Harvard! I have celiacs and have never been offend by people eating gluten free because they want too. I realize that it is their body and the food they choose to put into it is more then likely the diet that makes them feel good.

I would never count others money or tell them to stop eating a certain way just because they do not have a diagnose as celiacs.


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If it helps god bless and happy health, the real food will make sure of that. This article is so off base, and the warning for pregnant women is so sad. I am from New Zealand and have no axe to grind with you or anyone associated with Havard Medical School. I had a reason to stop eating wheat…. Over the years I came to realise I feel better when wheat free and I have fewer muscle and joint aches.

In fact they disappear completely after a week free of wheat. I usually get severe stomach pain within hours of eating my first slice of bread after a period of abstinence. I was sliding heavily into the morbidly obese group. Cutting out wheat dramatically reduced starches and I automatically began to feel better. The results speak for themselves. Without counting calories or practising any other dietary restriction I lost 60 pounds in 12 months and am maintaining it with ease. Three months into my wheat free lifestyle I read Dr.

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For the first time in my life, and I am now 74 years old, I understood why had felt so unwell mentally and physically for much of my adult life. Without wheat in my diet I no longer feel as though food rules my life. I do not have food cravings, and I eat well. You say being gluten free is expensive and restrictive.

I have found it to be the exact opposite.