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Die religiöse Dimension der Moral als Thema der Ethik

By using a table format, up-to-date information is quickly accessible for each country. To see how these changes affect the articles, please read this sample chapter about Austria.

The Yearbook of Muslims in Europe is an essential resource for analysis of Europe's dynamic Muslim populations. Featuring up-to-date research from forty-four European countries, the reports provide cumulative knowledge of on-going trends and developments around Muslims in different European countries.


In addition to offering a relevant framework for original research, the Yearbook of Muslims in Europe provides an invaluable source of reference for government and NGO officials, journalists, policy-makers, and related research institutions. Caring for Joy: Narrative, Theology, and Practice. In Caring for Joy: Narrative, Theology, and Practice Mary Clark Moschella offers a new account of the value of joy in caregiving vocations, demonstrating how the work of caring for persons, communities, and the world need not be a dreary endeavor overwhelmed by crises or undermined by despair.

Was ist Soziale Marktwirtschaft?

Moschella presents glimpses of joy-in-action in the narratives of five notable figures: Heidi Neumark, Henri Nouwen, Gregory Boyle, Pauli Murray, and Paul Farmer, gleaning their wisdom for the construction of a theology of joy that embodies compassion, connection, justice, and freedom. Care must be deep enough to hold human suffering and spacious enough to take in the divine goodness, beauty, and love. This book expands the pastoral theological imagination and narrates joy-full approaches to transformational care. In her research, joy and reason are not ultimately opposed. I plan on using this book as a textbook in my theodicy, grief, death and dying, and vocational courses.

She gives us a pastoral theology attuned to the realities of diversity and sensitive to the complex challenges facing those who lives constantly interface with suffering. There is simply nothing else like this book in pastoral care. In recent years, issues of freedom of religion or belief and state-religion relations have become increasingly important worldwide.

While some works have treated such issues regionally, the Encyclopedia of Law and Religion is unique in its breadth, covering all independent nations and jurisdictions as well as the major international organizations, treating the relation between law and religion in its various aspects, including those related to the role of religion in society, the relations between religion and state institutions, freedom of religion, legal aspects of religious traditions, the interaction between law and religion, and other issues at the junction of law, religion, and state.

Offered online and as a five-volume print set — Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Special Territories, International Organizations and Index — this work is a valuable resource for religious and legal scholars alike. Visit the online edition here. The Stolen Bible tells the story of how Southern Africans have interacted with the Bible from its arrival in Dutch imperial ships in the mids through to contemporary post-apartheid South Africa. The Stolen Bible emphasises African agency and distinguishes between African receptions of the Bible and African receptions of missionary-colonial Christianity.

Through a series of detailed historical, geographical, and hermeneutical case-studies the book analyses Southern African receptions of the Bible, including the earliest African encounters with the Bible, the translation of the Bible into an African language, the appropriation of the Bible by African Independent Churches, the use of the Bible in the Black liberation struggle, and the ways in which the Bible is embodied in the lives of ordinary Africans.

Table of contents 12 chapters Table of contents 12 chapters Methoden in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften Pages Lachmann, Prof. Werner, Ph. Wirtschaftsordnung Pages Lachmann, Prof. Marktkoordination Pages Lachmann, Prof. Wirtschaftsethik Pages Lachmann, Prof. Wirtschaftliche Macht Pages Lachmann, Prof.

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Die klassischen konjunkturpolitischen Probleme Pages Lachmann, Prof. Staatsverschuldung — ein Problem? Welcome to my website!

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Previous research has shown that feedback about past performance has ambiguous effects on subsequent performance. We argue that feedback affects beliefs in different dimensions — namely beliefs about the level of human capital and beliefs about the ability to learn — and this may explain some of the ambiguous effects.

We experimentally study the causal effects of an exogenously administered change in beliefs in both of these dimensions on the motivation to learn. We find that confidence in the ability to learn raises incentives, while confidence in the level of human capital lowers incentives for individuals with high levels of human capital.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Lütge

Since opinion leaders are usually university graduates, the field of study has an influence on public support for economic policies and policy reforms intended to enhance efficiency because advocating such policies often requires appreciation of the beneficial roles of markets and economic freedom.

We investigate whether the field of study influences German university students' political attitudes. We disentangle self-selection from learning effects and reveal systematic differences between incoming students' political attitudes across eight fields of study. In a second step we explore how the students' political attitudes change as they progress in their academic training.

Bd. 18 (2010). Themenschwerpunkt: Wirtschaftsethik / Business Ethics

Only studying economics has an unambiguous pro-market influence on political attitudes: by the time of graduation, economics students are some 6. Studying humanities and natural sciences has a pro-leftist influence. We run a natural field experiment to study the influence of two group assignment mechanisms on academic performance.

Students can either choose a study partner or are assigned a partner randomly to form a study group.