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The best known version of the song is by Frank Sinatra. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The Sun and Erie County Independent. Table of contents Create your own email Navigation menu Luxury Timeshare Vacation Properties - Summer Winds Resorts Please contact the school district to determine the schools to which this property is zoned. Selling Agent and Brokerage minimize. Want to know how much is this home worth? Lake Creek High School High. Dire Wolves: Whiteout; Editorial Reviews? The Summer Wind; Buy for others.

Summer Wind; Your message has been successfully delivered. Navigation menu The song was changed to English by Johnny Mercer , who had heard the song being sung by Danish singer Grethe Ingmann who had also recorded the song in her native language as "Sommervind". The University of Georgia Press. The Song is You. Michael Buble Summer Wind. Dana Block , Abby Marianetti. Here are some new images of the mysterious program Lazarov. I Am Neda Short , Biography , Drama I Am Neda is the true story of a woman who fearlessly pursues the cause of freedom in defiance of tyranny and oppression.

Carlo Guillermo Proto Stars: Touchdown Short , Comedy , Romance Short romantic comedy about a sports-obsessed husband who attempts to save his marriage after realizing that he could possibly lose his wife to another man. Bansulli Short , Drama A journey of hopes and desires, against the social stigma that still prevails in Nepal. After seven years away, a chance encounter finds her trying to reconnect.

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Through their ups and downs they come to realize they have found the love of their life. Nelleke van Dijk Stars: Going Local Documentary , Short In March , then-culture secretary Jeremy Hunt announced that would be the year of local television across the UK -- but what is this going to mean for would-be broadcasters? Tash Johansson investigates in this film.

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  • Paul Vernon Lydiate Stars: Mother's Day Short , Drama An 8-year old boy is determined to find money to buy his mother a present on Mother's Day in spite of a family life burdened by racism, unemployment, domestic violence and antisemitism. Only problem is, these were the people he was hired to kill!

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    Karl Ryan Erikson Stars: In this first episode Inside-Kobac, the director does a portrait of a portraitist who is working there for twenty years. Between drawing and religion we discover the dark side of Kobac, Schizophrenia. To her horror, she discovers that some things aren't as they seem and others will never be the same again. Stanley Scott Bullock Stars: They fall in love. But Marion falls ill.

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    Derya , Simon Frenay , El crimen desorganizado Short , Comedy Director: Falling Horse Animation , Short , Fantasy Butoh is a form of modern dance that combines slow, tightly controlled movement with wild, free form movement to explore the emotional impact of various subjects. Claudine Dagandan , Rolando Inocencio. Tus gritos me dan risa Short , Horror Director: Camera Man Documentary Director: Cafe Racers Japan Documentary , Short A short documentary film exploring a day in the life of Tokyo's cafe racer scene where the city is as much of a main character as the riders.

    He gets his coffee, sends a couple emails and starts writing. But as the day goes on, he notices a strange transformation occurring in his body that will set his daily rituals off kilter. Bildungsroman Short , Drama Director: The Sleepwalking Cannibal Comedy , Horror A painter struggling for inspiration finds an unexpected muse after he accepts a teaching position in a small town and becomes the caregiver to Eddie, a seemingly docile art student with a rare sleepwalking condition. His endless search for his self has a deep impact on his family. With Stars on Fingertips History In some remote tribal villages of India, the first light bulbs are starting to glow over the heads of the natives.

    For some, it is a great revolution. But many others would like to have the darkness back. Chastain , Keopaseuth Sengsourichanh , Michael V. When Les overhears a couple of Yoginis talking about the "hottest place in town" his inquiries lead to a bet which may change his life forever. Little do they know, it is filled with ghosts who make unusual things happen to them. Brenden Gregory , James Arthur M.

    Daddy's Girl Short , Horror A young girl who loves her dad, but doesn't like her mother, finds herself being drawn to a mysterious house and a box.

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    Sacramento Short , Comedy A reality show survivalist uses his outdoor skills as a former Jr. Eager Beaver Scout to survive the "wilds" of Sacramento, California for 24 hours.

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    What will he encounter along the way? Along the way, he meets different people and finds a deeper meaning to life. While Nicky feels she's falling into the endless black hole.

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    Melany Walter , Maria Christina Salas. Lake Effect Short , Drama A memorial between a couple evolves into a carefully paced meditation on death, where a man's attempts to cope with his loss blurs delusion with reality. Musique de chambre Short , Drama Rose 12 years, spends his holidays in musical colony. By day she plays the flute in an orchestra. At night she shares a room with two clarinetists of By proxy, Rose tries to get out childhood Director: The Foreigner Short , Comedy A remote Greek village must raise its population in order to avoid being cut off from the local government.

    Linda Hazzard strongly believed that fasting was the only logical remedy for all maladies, and watched as 40 of her patients withered into death's embrace in the early s. Mother Died Short , Horror Fear, family and a young woman's survival. Esos dos Short , Drama Men. Passion, guilt and redemption. This doesn't stop him from joining his family on a day trip to the river to pick berries. A bag of cookies is passed around and more than sweets are shared. They are both surprised by what they discover. Underwater Short , Family Director: Colombianos Documentary Director: Stan has just moved in with her, and as she tries to concentrate, their relationship is tested. Francisco Colmenero , Ariel Raguth. Lincoln Biography , Drama , History Director: The Good Lie Thriller After his mother is tragically killed, a privileged young man discovers that he was the product of a vicious rape, and so he sets out to track down his sinister biological father.

    The Lock In Musical The UK's top folk, clog, sword and Morris dancers go head to head with their counterparts from the worlds of B-boying, popping, krump and beatbox. K smette di fumare Thriller Director: Somethings Upstairs Horror Director: She visits the crumbling old Deaf school where she grew up, and she remembers fondly how it shaped her.

    In the end, those who survive continue living. A walk adrift through Tokyo at the time of the cherry blossoms, weeks after the tsunami that destroyed the Tohoku region and caused a nuclear crisis. The Eyes of Abigale Short , Drama Through a chance encounter with am evangelical traveler, a prostitute is able to see hope in God and turn from the darkness in her life. He enters many lives, says a proper goodbye without interference and gets out. This has worked perfectly until he meets Azat.

    Crossing the Divide Documentary , Short Four Deaf people, separated by religion but bound by Deaf culture, forge deep friendships during the Troubles in Belfast in the 's. Echos Short , Drama Raphael, a teenager, decides to film his last day with his girlfriend Anais, before she leaves the city. Williams , Connor De Junco. Personal Growth Short , Comedy Director: Le soleil des ternes Short , Drama Director: Africa Straight Up Documentary , Short With more than a billion people spread across 54 countries speaking more than 3, languages, Africa cannot -- and should not -- be limited to a single narrative.

    Africa Straight Up is a more complete story about Africa and its diaspora. Fill the Void Drama , Romance A young Hasidic Jewish woman is pressured into an arranged levirate marriage to an older widower.